Paul and Harry believe in a happier, healthier, more sustainable community through food. They want to showcase vegan food and drink and highlight how good the lifestyle can be.

Covid-19 shook up our business model, seeing us turn into green grocer, vegan supermarket and now finally getting our doors back open for a takeaway cafe service. Alongside our cafe offering we will continue our online next day delivery service as this has helped us survive this period. 

As the lock down has eased we have started our 9am Sunday 5k run and 20k bike ride from the shop to encourage our local community to stay active. For anyone that takes part, we offer half price drinks so why not pop down one Sunday!?

Eating vegan food for one day (compared to that of a standard western diet) saves 1100 gallons of water, 45 lbs of grain, 30 sq ft of forrest, 10 lbs of CO2, and 1 animals life; so Vutie Beets' aim was to open an Eatery in Letchworth that not only offers great tasting food, but also food that is better for animals, people, and the planet.