Vutie Beets is owned by brothers John & Brad whose passion is to inspire and motivate people to be more ethically, healthily, and environmentally conscious by bringing an exciting and vibrant energy to vegan food.

Eating vegan food for one day (compared to that of a standard western diet) saves 1100 gallons of water, 45 lbs of grain, 30 sq ft of forrest, 10 lbs of CO2, and 1 animals life; so Vutie Beets' aim was to open an Eatery in Letchworth that not only offers great tasting food, but also food that is better for animals, people, and the planet.

Using nutritious whole foods Vutie Beets offers meals that appeal to everyone; from Burgers and Curries to Fresh Pressed Juices, Smoothie Bowls, and Sweet Treats.


If you're looking for some filling comfort food, something light and uplifting on your way to the gym, or just looking for a quick bite to take away on your lunch break, then we've got you covered!

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