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Putting the unity back in community

At Vutie Beets we believe in creating a happier, healthier community through food and fitness. Below are some of the examples of the work we do in our local community.

Supper Club Charity Nights

Working with Best Before Cafe and The Garden City Brewery we have held two supper club evenings. We have raised over £2,500 so far for local schools. The menu tries to use as much rescued food from the Best Before Cafe to help tackle food waste.



We sponsor the Tom Ansell Boxing Academy. As part of this sponsorship working with Letchworth Family Support we send two children to the academy for free lessons. We also attend their camps and give free nutrition lessons to the children 

boxing 2.jpg


We work with Best Before Cafe and Letchworth Family Support to provide free cooking lessons for families in the local area. These lessons get kids involved in cooking and show parents how to cook a nutritious meal for under £1 a portion. 


Sunday Run & Cycle

Every Sunday at 9am we meet at the shop and host a 5km run and 20km cycle. Both are free, all abilities are welcome and on return anyone that takes part gets 50% off their drinks!

Clean Ups

Working with local gym Hub Fitness and sustainable brand Bambuu we host community clean up and fitness sessions. We meet at the shop, jog to the clean up location where a workout is then held and followed by a clean up of the area. Last clean up we cleared over 25 kilos off of Norton Common.

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